Friday, January 10, 2014

My first photoshoot! Bella's Shoot Looks

My best friend Bella, came to me and asked for outfit advice. There's a new guy in her life and she just wanted to spice up her wardrobe. Bella is the absolute opposite of me , she's super chill, non flashy, and simplistic.

So I jumped at the chance to help! I pulled three looks for her.
 1)School days 
2) Date night 
3) Concert 

The main reason I started this business was to help actors for auditions. Dressing the role is a HUGE part of success in the business. You can be the most phenomenal actor but if they can't envision you in the role they may cast someone else , who looks more "the part". Therefore it is essential to looks as close to the character as possible, so there's no excuse for them to not book you! With my extensive fashion knowledge and acting experience, I am here to help take your career that much further.

I also do styling advice for other events such as the ones listed above. A good outfit can offset a good or bad night. You just want to feel confident and comfortable. There's nothing more sexy than confidence. For Bella, I wanted to make sure I still altered her style but made sure she still kept elements of herself in the outfits. I am SO excited to show you guys the looks! Pictures will be posted shortly .


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