Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What is Style Coach J??

Hello all you fashionistas!

I am your Style Coach J. Consider me your style coach, personal fashion consultant, or 

stylist. Whatever term you see fit.

My job is to advise in guide you in the wardrobe department, to help create the best 

possible outfit for your audition. Your success in the entertainment industry has a lot to do 

with your "look" or whether or not your the write "type".

I am here to assist you in curate your attire, and outfit to best refine your image to best suit

 your role.

I'm sure your wondering how I am qualify?

 I am currently majoring in Fashion Marketing at 

a private university, grew up in the beauty pageant arena so dressing nicely has been 

something ingrained into my everyday life, and I have been working in retail since again 


So how to you book with me?

I will offer consultations via Skype for $1 a minute.

Feel free to contact me, or ask any questions.

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